21 years

It’s my birthday and so I thought it would be a good time to share some wisdom or some things I have learnt throughout my time on earth.

So here are 21 things I’ve learnt in 21 years:

1. People move at their own pace so it’s okay to take longer to do something than others
2. Everyone has their own issues and story
3. [I’ve learnt] To say no!
4. To say yes to opportunities even if they scare you
5. It’s good to have an opinion
6. You can’t force passion or enjoyment
7. Never leave your phone unattended with kids around
8. There is something good in everyone
9. To love myself
10. To move one from pain and never let it take over
11. That being open and talking about problems does help, even if only a little
12. That you are never truly alone
13. It’s possible to care too much
14. You can always love more, it’s infinite
15. Every age and stage has positives and negatives, just enjoy where you are
16. Hard work is not always going to get you everything you want
17. Rest is so important
18. Never take anything free for granted
19. Do not be afraid or ashamed of your circumstance
20. Finding happiness should always be your #1 goal
21. It’s okay to change, it is part of growing up.

Hope this helpful to someone, maybe you’ve learnt something too.