The need for a hobby

Recently, I have been struggling to keep my self on track with everything in my life and I seem to be spending my time worrying about things rather than actually doing anything. The issue is even when I stop worrying enough to attempt to do anything I lack the motivation to.

Finding myself in this predicament the only way I have found to deal with the lack of doing anything is by the means of hobbies. I have been doing my ‘hobbies’ or at least things that I enjoy in the hope that this cheers me up enough to do somethings I have to do like work and essays. So far it has been useful.

For example: I have done some drawing recently with has made me feel positive and some what happy enough to do some work. (see inserted pictures)


So … a note to future me and anyone that may be reading this:

  • do the things that make you happy frequently and don’t just forget about them with all the stress of what you have to do. Do what you want to do.
  • try and make sure they are active or accomplishing something ie. a drawing or building something or even going for a walk
  • while YouTube or Netflix may make you happy in the short term they are not hobbies and are fine for short periods but try and do something active, it will help more.

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