I made a cosplay

So with MCM London comic con happening tomorrow I thought I’d post about my recent endeavours to create a costume for this event.

Materials needed were:

  • Navy blue cotton fabric
  • Matching navy blue stretchy jersey fabric
  • A square of grey fabric
  • Light blue paint

I doubt many could guess from that what I will be going as from this list but I’m going to be BABYDOLL from Suckerpunch. Which is a navy blue Japanese school girl outfit.

Because it is a public event in London I will not be bringing any weapon fake or otherwise. But my cosplay should be sufficient enough for people to tell. The unfortunate thing is my sewing machine stopped working so I had to hand stitch it all.

This post is manly to look back on with pride and to remind myself of this time. But in 2 weeks I made: a pleated skirt, navy crop top and grey scarf thing. Probably would have be better and cheaper to by the parts instead.

Pictures and experience post to follow 🙂


Mental health awareness day

It’s October 10th 2016 now and today is important for so many reasons but it shouldn’t just be about today because people suffer with mental health every day. Awareness is so important so that the world becomes a easier and more friendly place for those who suffer with mental heath issues. Allowing for more understanding and so that people don’t feel so isolated from everyone else.

Today I wanted to share 5 things to remember when it is particularly bad:

  1. You are not alone
  2. You are loved
  3. It’s not your fault
  4. Have the faith that it gets better and the strength to carry on
  5. You are stronger than you think

I know it might not seam like it but there are better days ahead. No matter how dark it seems there is light in your future.