Suicide squad review

Let’s start this off by saying that I love the concept of the suicide squad, I really enjoyed the depiction of them in arrow and various cartoons they have been in. The brief alluding to them in Smallville as well. So it is fair to say I am a fan. I also adore a lot of DC villains and anti-heroes they are perhaps even my favourite characters over the actual superheroes. This may make my view more educated then most but maybe a little biased. Now with that out of the way I can get on with the opinion.

Most fans first objection will always be that it’s not true to the comics but to be fair what movie is true to the origin? the answer being very few. There were a lot of creative turns taken with the characters such as the Joker and Harley’s relationship being a bit too attached and fairy tale. Or deadshot’s dream being to kill the batman rather than be around for his daughter. But the movie was suppose to introduce and revamp characters. Not change them but make them into main characters and give them a make over for their full feature (not saying I like all the changes but it is what it is).

The plot was a bit lost in this film because with 5+ villain back stories to show they didn’t really make the plot the thick bit. To be fair if they did it would probably turn out as a very long movie, I mean look at watchmen. However, the plot of the film was very lacking and far too set on Harley and Deadshot’s scenes. Making it move of a let’s wait for a Will Smith action scene rather that getting involved in the story.

Although both issues pre-stated are big problems with the film the worst part is probably the actual production of it. With editing and contingency errors being left, right and centre. Though there are a lot of flaws in this movie I’d still give it 3 stars it’s not terrible, I just wouldn’t pay to see it. Worth watching if your just in it for the oneliners and to see Harley in her first live action role.

P.s. has to be said the bronze tiger should have been in this, as one of the original squad. Also would add a beefcake factor for all thoughts into men.