Who themes a wedding ‘glam’?

A wedding is an event that family and all type of relation attend. The idea of glam baffles me to start with as there is not a clear cut form of it or style. But when asked for a further explanation bond theme came up. As someone who is aware of the age range I’m not sure all the women would quite suit the bond girl look.

It’s a hard idea to find a dress for because glam you don’t want to look trashy but it’s not elegant either. The wedding in question is my boyfriend’s mum’s so I am trying to make sure I look nice and presentable. Bond girls are notorious for there sexy appearance but to appear sexy in this crowd seems like a call for embarrassment. I want to look good but not too good.

The colours for glam are generally quite dark or white and red. It’s a bit odd to wear white to a wedding. Black seems morbid and red seems too much. My go to colour is blue but that will clash with a member of the family I don’t want to clash with so I just don’t know. Any advise would be lovely…


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