Who themes a wedding ‘glam’?

A wedding is an event that family and all type of relation attend. The idea of glam baffles me to start with as there is not a clear cut form of it or style. But when asked for a further explanation bond theme came up. As someone who is aware of the age range I’m not sure all the women would quite suit the bond girl look.

It’s a hard idea to find a dress for because glam you don’t want to look trashy but it’s not elegant either. The wedding in question is my boyfriend’s mum’s so I am trying to make sure I look nice and presentable. Bond girls are notorious for there sexy appearance but to appear sexy in this crowd seems like a call for embarrassment. I want to look good but not too good.

The colours for glam are generally quite dark or white and red. It’s a bit odd to wear white to a wedding. Black seems morbid and red seems too much. My go to colour is blue but that will clash with a member of the family I don’t want to clash with so I just don’t know. Any advise would be lovely…


My theory about jobs

Why is it so hard to get a job now? Why are people always complaining about the lack of them? Unemployment always seems to be on the rise and people wonder why. I have a thought I’d like to put out there… the population is growing everyday and so are the amount of people who need jobs but money is able to expand at the same rate.

If we went back in time to before the feminist movement only half the population worked if that; it was frowned upon for women to have a job. Even for many years after this women choose to stay at home with their children.

Now I’m not against equality in anyway or anyone wanting to work but I have to wonder what is from every couple there was a stay at home parent. Would that mean there would be enough jobs to go round and thus more money for each job?

Two income households seems the only way to survive now but not everyone wants to work and it is a full time job on it’s own running a house hold and being the main care giver. Men can do it to I know I’d like a house husband and for me to work, equally I’d be happy as a house wife or full time mum.