Summer blues

So university is finished for summer, I had my last exam about a week ago and since then things have been a bit of a blur. There were a lot of end of year events which were filled with so many people that it’s hard to remember everything that happened and it was just one event after another. However, the events have stopped now and people are going home, there is very little to do and not much open on campus. I guess things are starting to slow down and that should be relaxing, especially with the weather being quite nice at the moment. I’ve had a couple days of introverted relaxing in other words being on the computer watching videos all day, which is pretty chill. But it’s getting slightly unhealthy, I can feel that staying inside is giving me headaches and making me tired. I’m starting to miss the routine of it all and having a reason to get up in the morning. Summer just seems a bit weird. The ideal would be to go out and have fun with friends but most people are either working or have left back home. I don’t want to spend all the sunny days on my own or inside. *sigh* I guess that all I wanted to say.


So it’s been a while…

This time of the year always seems so busy for everyone therefore where you can it is nice to take a break. What do you do in your breaks? I really don’t have very heathy habits in my breaks it’s either me eating or napping and constantly looking at screens. I don’t know what breaks should be made up of but I know that what I do when I am free isn’t good. Surely it’s to relax and not stress to help yourself. Though what we do when relaxing just isn’t good for you. Hmm maybe it should revolve more around relaxing or eating fruit or exercising but then again maybe not. Oh well, just thought I post some content on here to keep it up.