Long distance relationships

long distance relationships 2.jpg

Relationships are hard at the best of times but when your many miles apart it can be extremely difficult to  keep things going and not end up in a ball on the floor or a sad mess because let’s face it as humans we are social creatures who like to be loved. So without further ado here are some tips on navigating a long distance relationship:

  1. Skyping once a week or a phone call the key is not to do it too often because it will make you miss them more but often enough to keep up to date.
  2. Messaging during the day have texts and facebook conversations regularly remembering to say morning and night
  3. having a calendar to tick the days off till you see them
  4. budget to be able to see them
  5. Allow each other to worry but make sure to reassure
  6. Surprise each other with little gifts (home made)
  7. Write each other notes because having something physical is always nice
  8. have cuddly toy to hold when you miss them (childish but it helps)
  9. If you guys can visit, keep an item that smells like them because it’s comforting
  10. lots of photos remember to take them when together and put them up

While there will still be tears and you’ll miss them, remember it’ll make it all the more special when you are close again. Hopefully these tip will make time apart a little easier.


Why girls should wear make up

When applying make up today, I had the same thought that I often do about make up as to why do we wear it? When I was in school I never quite understood why people wore it, especially when you are young. But in recent years I have started wear it myself.

I find that a lot of girls wear make up either because they don’t feel comfortable without it or to avoid being judged. Some even wear it to try and impress boys. Which is what confuses me because it shouldn’t be like that, you should love yourself and the way you are because it’s what you’ve got and you should make the best of it. Caring what other people think shouldn’t influence what you put on your face. Plus boys prefer more natural make up anyway, that’s if they notice.

So for me the reason girls should wear make up is… for themselves, not anyone else. To make you feel more confident or just have a bit of fun. Equally I believe that everyone should feel comfortable in their natural skin and be able to go out without make up.

New year resolutions

Usually when people are selecting new years resolution it’s a task of self improvements which often can come off as quite selfish. Usually I would try to set goals that were to benefit others or goals that others set me but this year I have realised that it’s okay to think of yourself. Sometimes people are selfish but sometimes that is necessary. So this year I will be setting goals of self improvement but I hope that by spending more time on myself will make it easy for me to have the confidence and mind set to help others and be a little less stressed.

So my 2016 goals are:

  • to focus more on my studies
  • spend more time working on my social life
  • and to look after myself including my heath both physical and mental
It makes sense for me because in reflection in 2015 I spent a lot of time worrying about others and causing myself stress rather that focusing on self improvement and helping myself. Now to take on 2016 one day at a time.